About NauBriana

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NauBriana is a mother of two, lifestyle blogger, freedom fighter & author. She studies human behaviors & documents unbiased perspectives & life experiences. By day, she’s a typical corporate ambassador chick- by night an inspired influencer & defensive mom-preneur.

If she’s not writing, reading or building an empire you can find her volunteering, spreading awareness, hosting weight loss challenges & taking advantage of art & nature with her daughters. If not, she’s likely attempting to master a game of Rummikub at her local Mom & Pop Coffee Shop.

NauBriana’s been overweight her entire life. In the past 10 years, due to being diagnosed with an eye disease she’s underwent two corneal transplants to restore her vision, experienced hearing loss, birthed a surprise baby, beat depression & lost over 155 pounds. Her journey inspires her writing & a strong desire to empower & connect with people from all walks of life.