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Botham Jean- The Trial that Challenged us All

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The process from death to sentencing in the Botham Jean trial quickly escalated like we’ve seen time & time again. Social media sure does have its way of keeping us in a debate & feuding when there’s a difference in opinion, doesn’t it?

People are outraged & angrily cutting off anyone with a different view… as if this world is actually right or left & black or white. Or as if this world doesn’t desperately need all of our opinions & world views whether we agree or not.

As much as we wish it were the case, the Botham trial wasn’t going to be the trial that ended the challenges of a broken justice system, systematic-racism or the fight for reformed sentencing. If it must be said, his forgiveness was not for us nor was it to result into a feud about Christianity, settling with a 10 year sentence, disregarding Botham’s death or the “stamp of approval” to allow injustice to continue.  It’s a slippery slope…and boy did it challenge us.

In his decision, I doubt his brother was giving the thumbs up to continue injustice but demonstrating how human he & his family are. Botham’s been deceased over a year. Since September 6, 2018 his brother has endured this pain- battling this loss on the days we were all moving on & focused on our own battles including struggles to forgive & redirect our anger. His choice was for the betterment of his own soul & for that he has the rest of his life ahead of him. This gives him the choice his brother no longer has.  He can either live from a place of hate, fear or choose to make this count and impact. Just like us.

I doubt this is the last that we’ll see of Botham’s family.  I imagine we will soon recognize a lot of them as judges, city councilman, lawyers, educators, police officers, senators’ etc. just to beat them at their own twisted game. Just like them, we won’t forget. We recognize it is unfair & unacceptable. And honestly, if it weren’t for forgiveness there are a lot of them we would have never met.

In fact, many of us may have never been born. We would’ve never had the opportunity to be a contribution to this world and become the world changers paving the way now. Imagine if most of us made decisions based on our emotions? Imagine if most of our ancestors did? Anger would’ve likely killed just as many innocent lives as we’re seeing our lawmakers take from us every day. Have you ever thought about just how much forgiveness had to take place off camera & outside the courtroom just for us to be here today? How much forgotten grace our own families showed just to see us progress down the line? I can only imagine the kind of experience that led to that much compassion before torturing themselves with anger so many years.

Hate is so easy. Forgiveness is extremely hard.

Compassion & forgiveness has produced more wonders in this world than some of us will ever know sitting behind our keyboards scrolling and boiling up with anger. We all have a choice of what we will do with that anger. Whatever it is, your world views & voices matter. This article may anger you even more but we must ask ourselves, what does that anger encourage us to do today? How far out of our comfort zone are we willing to go when we want to see a change?

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