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“No Filter” September 7, 2018

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I recently read an article on @Elitedaily by @aratagrams on what #filters are creating in the mind for women. It said,

“Like every kind of social media, Snapchat is a company with its own agenda. It wants to flatter & persuade you to keep using it, but has no obligation to tell you the truth or take responsibility.” That stood out most to me.

A lot of us lack self-care & make it a habit to put a filter on our life. We don’t take control because we can just cover it up. But it’s not easy to cover up low self-esteem.

I’ve never had great skin.  Terrible eczema, dry skin & acne breakouts.

The top photo is the result of excessive fast food, daily Diet Dr.Pepper, tolerated stress & a lack of self discipline.

The bottom pic is the result of consistency, eating cleaner, drinking only enhanced flavoured water, applying quality skin care products & never skipping a day on vitamins. Shout out to Bre’ett for the style btw 🙌 @bresbeautybar

Outside of that, sometimes I go a few weeks not eating meat or wearing makeup. My new lifestyle completely detoxified my skin & the tone changed.

I don’t always use filters but I notice if I do it’s to enhance or take away from something on my face that could be handled. The only way to do this is by taking responsibility & changing how I live from any angle & #nofilter.

I only looked like what I ate & what I was going through. This was not who I was, just what I allowed to happen to me.

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