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2 Year Transformation 8/22/18

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#WAYBACKWEDNESDAY 1st day at the gym selfie. (I looked happy, right?)  I took that photo thinking, “Damn, this is going to take forver.” My body was still sore from a C-section & not 1 of my friends or family wanted to start a weight loss journey with me. One of my closest friends even “joked” I wouldn’t make it past a month. Got to listen for those light hearted jokes.

I follow a lot of fitness pages & everyone shares their journey online for multiple different reasons. I always look for people that are just starting out & congratulate them on just making the decision to hold themselves accountable publicly. That’s when you know how completely fed up you are & those are the accounts that inspire me most.

Obviously because it’s a reminder of my “WHY”

I started an accountability page for me because I was tired of giving up & just needed to do it differently in order to see long term results. And it just so happened to inspire others along the way. So when you see someone sharing multiple post, side by side transformations, accountability post etc. understand its coming from a vulnerable place. There is no recognition or new followers needed.  Just a constant reminder to #rememberwhyyoustarted so you never resort back to your old ways. Sometimes, you are your only cheerleader & motivation.

There is nothing wrong with taking progress photos & re-inspiring yourself everyday.

You’re your only competition & the only one that has to look back at your life later on & answer to the choices you made NOW.

Continue sharing your journey for you. 

#decide #commit #succeed 


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