Black Panther “Diverse Perspectives told on a Heroic Level”

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If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet this blog post could be a bit of a spoiler.

I appreciated multiple scenes from the film. In my opinion, it represented both countries & culture well. I noticed how Wakanda & each character related to our country/society today.

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Witnessing Lupita portray Nakia and Letitia as Shuri was refreshing for me. It’s encouraging to see a strong, smart, proud woman in power saving her country versus a defeated slave at risk fighting back for her people.

I listed a few scenes that relate to a lot of our experiences & culture now.

The scene where Shuri showed T’Challa his bulletproof suit, shoes, high tech weapons etc. I noticed the options of necklaces his sister had for him. T’Challa mentioned he needed something non-flashy. Similar to today with options of our own creations & cultured styles (protective hairstyles, jewelry, and clothing)

We’ve likely been told to choose the opposite attire of our liking. A lot of our styles are considered distracting, unprofessional or unacceptable to society-some of the same styles others may wear when & however they please without risks. These are the same risks we’re avoiding to draw less attention to ourselves.

Early in the movie, entering the party to scope out the scene at the casino, I noticed they were told not to cause trouble even when dressed appropriately, a wig to fit in & no weapons. Nakia did mention she stirred a pot before but T’Challa gave the CIA a heads up on why he was there. Meanwhile, Klaue barges in with weapons, opposite attire, loud & obnoxious after kissing the same questioning Chinese woman on the cheek.

When N’Jobu helped Klaue steal the vibranium, his intentions were to use it to put into a city flooded with drugs, violence & guns. The environment he was put into were without resources, minimal education & guidance to overcome their circumstance. A lot of people resort to this to get out & ahead when they feel like there’s no other way.

Towards the end of Black Panther Nakia made it clear that she knew her place & mission when she mentioned to Okoye that she loved her country enough to know when it needed to be saved, before she continued to serve it. She made it clear what will happen to Wakanda if they turned a blind eye to evil- this is definitely our county’s current state.

During some of the final scenes, T’Challa questioned his father; asking why he left Killmonger behind. He explained that by doing this he became a monster of their own making & now sat on the throne filled with bitterness & spreading hate. T’Chaka was wrong & should have brought Killmonger home. Therefore T’Challa had to go back & try to make it right.

This scene I compared to today & how many parents consider a lot of questions or explanations asked by youth a sign of disrespect. Some ways of parenting are questionable. Ignoring this can cause long term damage that can easily be avoided.

Sometimes, in order to prevent a repeated cycle you have to call it what it is & unlearn what you’ve been taught or witnessed growing up. I also compared it to the bashing we do to people when they’re only ignorant to what’s happening around us. But we have to remember, anyone can educate themselves. It’s us that has to choose our battles & recognize who’s choosing to be ignorant & who’s open to learn. There’s no need to waste our energy on anyone that would rather be misinformed & uneducated.

-In addition, there were many simple lines from Black Panther that held a heavy message. “More connects us than separates us; foolish build barriers & wise build bridges.”

We are better when unified. There’s enough for all & everyone can win. When you try to beat the world at their own “game” with hate, you easily become what you are fighting against.

T’Challa demonstrated that well once he decided to purchase the same buildings where his family fell apart. He took ownership & chose to give to the community, share resources & knowledge.

Black Panther isn’t just a movie, it’s clearly a movement. The film breaking records was just the beginning. A lot of us consider having money a luxury or a form of power but its more about reaching a platform, the audience we can reach with the right voice, & the mountains we move when we’re speaking the world’s language ($)

You may view the movie from an opposite perspective but that’s what makes it what it is. As Danai Gurira mentioned in an interview “The story was told so brilliantly that it shattered the concept that these things can’t transcend unless they’re coming from just one perspective.”

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this film. I plan to see it again soon, I enjoy hearing opposite perspectives & looking for what I may have not noticed the first time.

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