Mental Health

“Effects of Long Term decisions during Short Term Situations.”

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I’m back home for a funeral this Tuesday; a time to grieve & celebrate life. I’m trying to support family the best way possible and hitting the gym is prepping my mind. March 2017 was a challenging month for my family. There were deaths, bitterness, breakups etc. This caused me to lack off the whole month & gain back a lot of the weight I had already lost. The left pic was my first day back at the gym that month. The right is today & 68 lbs. difference.

If I had continued that path, I’d be the exact same weight or higher.

What I aim to master during this lifestyle change is to not allow life’s events & unforeseen circumstances dictate how I treat my body & halt good formed habits. Whether its a celebration or a funeral, there’s going to be things that happen in our lives that can easily set us back on our journeys- but only if we allow it. Setback is the effect of making longterm decisions in a shortterm situation.

I’ve started over enough to know I’m good on giving up. #mentalhealth #growth #fitness #wichitakansas #family 💜

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