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“If it Doesn’t Challenge You, It Will Never Change You.” 1/30/18

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The middle photo is early 2017 after handing out prizes to the Top Losers of my first Wellness Weight Loss Challenge. I started holding challenges to help the company lose some weight after the holidays.

I lost by a lot. I probably came in 8th or 10th place. I didn’t take it as serious as I should have but losing that way really helped me put things into perspective & face the scale. Now I’ve participated in at least 5 more challenges that I run at work & outside of work. And if I didn’t win I made sure I only lost by just a couple pounds/percentage.
My current challenge I started for accountability & to help a bunch of friends looking for support. Some of them have major goals to lose the weight for a wedding, a vacation, to get healthy in order to have kids or just a complete lifestyle change.
The important piece is throughout the year of holding challenges I lost about 60 to 65 lbs. and I no longer make excuses for why I’m not losing the weight. I learned you have to challenge yourself to see results & if it doesn’t challenge you it’ll never change you.

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