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“Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.” 1/11/18

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Would you believe me if I said I thought I was looking directly into the camera in the right side photo?👀 My vision was 20/400, which is legally blind. Explaining an eye disease like Keratoconus was a major annoyance for me. My vision fluctuated & my glasses were only helpful to see things just a couple feet in front of me (that was on a good day) I was making the best of the vision I had. I stopped taking selfies for a long time being self-cautious about my eyes.

I was also well over 340 pounds, fighting postpartum depression & working 60 + hours a week, on my feet, at a job that took every ounce of my energy. Thank God for the strength to make the change. There were upsides to that life but no sanity. Every day is an opportunity to make a change; even when it feels like we’re trapped & drowning. I didn’t change all of this in one day but I made sure to make every day count by choosing ME! One of the first things I notice in my selfies now are my eyes and that tunnel vision it took years to build up. I’m nothing but grateful.

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