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1 year Transformation 

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8/22/17! It’s been a year since I started this journey. I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ve started my weight loss journey over & over since 2010. I could never find balance to keep it off.

In 2008, I became ill & lost hearing in both ears. It only returned in one.  2009, I was diagnosed with an eye disease that caused legal blindness. After a while I could no longer see to read, drive at night, attend college, clean my home, put on makeup or even see myself in the mirror. With one ear to hear, conversations were cut short & everything began to fade. So I stayed home & slowly started cutting everyone off. 

Nothing felt normal, I felt completely out of place. I started to feel like a burden & inconvenience to everyone around me. I believe my weight gain came from depression. The kind of depression you don’t realize you’re in until it feels too deep to get out of. After having my first eye surgery I was able to look in the mirror & see just how much weight I’d put on. I lost weight again but gave up after I found out I was 6 months pregnant. I believe the rush of preparing for a baby in just 3 months took a toll on me I didn’t expect. After having my 2nd baby, I gained 100+ pounds which is more than I’d ever gained. I was truly dedicated to losing weight then.
I started counting calories again & eating healthy portioned meals. I work out 4-5 days a week. At least 30-45 minutes of cardio, a few core workouts & weight lifting. I’ve lost over 120 pounds so far!

The first thing I tell anyone who needs advice is to learn how to control your mind. Changing the way you think is the only thing guaranteed to stick. Everyone has a story. I started sharing my journey in hopes to motivate others that can relate.

The best part about it all is my level of comfort. I love how sane & uncorrupted I feel. I’ve never been more comfortable w/myself & the decisions I make. So far, there hasn’t been a greater feeling than knowing my worth, who I am and who I don’t ever want to become.

I am my own motivation. Every loss is a lesson. And I stay encouraged going through life’s experiences knowing I’m in control & someone could be going through much worse.

Day 1 8-22-16

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