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I’m so proud & inspired by this beautiful soul. A few years ago, we met at the airport & she let it be known she’d release something that wouldn’t disappoint. (I know I was a mess lol) She was partly excited and doubtful about the album. 
  I created a video for her newsletter a few months back just expressing my thoughts. And even after all her nominations, a GOLD Album & Platinum Single I’m still noticing the comments about some of her songs. How some women & men could never encourage her “ways” -especially women. One thing that gets under my skin about it is that these are the same ones that regularly jam artist that have similar ways or possibly worse.  Future, Ross, Yo Gotti, Gucci, Cardi B etc. As if they leave their cubicles and go trap on their lunch breaks.  Some of these artist not only rap about it but have history of drug abuse, stripping, violating/abusing women, trappin’ & just straight mobbin. I’m not here to judge them cause I understand what they’re doing and their experiences tell an amazing story. But I can’t help but notice the double standard & how easy it is for so many to overlook.
SZAs breaking down her experiences and lessons learned, demonstrating women’s experience through art and  how it feels when we choose to live in the moment. Most of those artist are too.  If some of you only knew what she was going through and the doubts she had before finally releasing CTRL you may see this from a different perspective. The album is like reading a diary w/ the dopest instrumental in the background. These artist are following their dreams & creating a platform for our generation & then giving back. She struggled with self doubt and writer’s block. I completely relate. It actually took mushrooms for her to actually open up and release all of that.  For me, it took “CTRL.” 
 Ask yourself what are you doing to contribute? Are you pursuing your dreams or just talking about your next move? We all have the same 24 hours in a day to make a difference. You can do more than share pointless memes all day if you choose to. We have a choice to wake up & make the most of whats given to us everyday. OPPORTUNITY!
Issue is a lot y’all don’t appreciate ART or respect COURAGE. You’re looking for something to dance to & holler “GOALS” but when it’s not to your liking or you’re unable to easily read through lines you become negative & unreasonable. Being vulnerable in front the entire world is not easy. But we all can relate to it & that’s why she’s on top.
The process to reach that point is a serious grind & sacrifice. In order to be successful, most artist (no matter the craft) have to make choices that affect every part of their lives, along with their families. Everyone close is gonna feel this but not all will understand it. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll never take anyone seriously who has a choice to inspire but would rather log in and criticize. How can someone who’s given up on their own dreams or never had the courage to go for them in the first place, naturally speak from a place of understanding? They can’t. In the words of SZA if you’re that disturbed by this then…
“Go Gina, Them jeans, they must be uptight mama. You need some get right mama.”

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