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Bernadette 8-24-15

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An elderly, frantic woman, called me from an unknown number earlier.

“Um Hello!”

I had no chance to say it back.

“There is a piece of scratch paper in my house with the name NauBriana and this number next to it.  Can you help me?”

“I’m not sure. With what?”

“Can you help me, please?! I’m in California!”

“I’m in Texas and I am not sure why my name and number is in your home. Do you need medical attention? What’s your add—”

I was cut off.


The call ended.

Huh? I worried for days. I called back but no one answered. She sounded so desperate. Like she needed 911 instead but why would you call my number? It takes way less effort to dial 3 digits. And who did I give my number to? Who found my information?

There were so many questions. I googled the number and no information came up. Why do I feel guilty or I didn’t do enough? Is this woman trapped? Hurting? Am I in danger because they have my name and number? Should I change my number? She may call back. I’ve had the same number for 13 years. This could be anyone!

How do I report something so bizarre to authorities?  A week later I called again. Someone picks up but says nothing…then hangs up.

I’m kind of losing it. No..Im really losing it. Overthinking all of this, I deleted the number so I can forget about it. But what’s the use if you had it memorized like a paranoid idiot? I forced myself to forget it but I will never forget the pain in her voice.

I didn’t catch her name so I’m just going to call her Bernadette. Oh & fuck her for doing that to me.

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